Product Spotlight: Brick Slips

Looking for a cost-effective way to create a realistic Brick Feature Wall?
Our Brick Slips will give you the look of authentic hand-laid brick at a fraction of the price!

What Are Brick Slips?

Brick Slips are Brick Effect Tiles which can be applied to any interior or exterior wall to create a realistic brick wall effect.

These tiles are a fraction of the cost of traditional bricks as well as being easy to install! Anyone with a small amount of DIY knowledge will be able to create eye-catching feature walls without the hassle and expense of using real bricks!

Also known as Brick Cladding, Brick Veneers or Brick Tiles, they are a fraction of the weight of real bricks, allowing easy transportation, storage and installation!

The Brick Look Tiles are a pre-cast, lightweight and eco-friendly wall cladding product that use 60% recycled material. Offering the flexibility to combine traditional materials with the versatility and low cost of a cast product.

Where To Use Brick Slips.

Brick Slip Tiles can be applied to almost any surface, making them suitable for new projects or to modernise an existing home.
Popular uses of our Brick Slips are for fireplaces, chimney breasts, kitchen walls and splashbacks as well as other interior feature walls for living spaces.

Rustic Light Cast Brick Slips 213x63

Colours Of Brick Slips.

Our Brick Slips are available in a wide range of colours with various finishes so you can find the right colour of tile to suit your project.
From traditional red brick or reclaimed effect right through to grey and white gloss bricks, each colour has its own unique detail and emulates the look of a different style of brick, so you can be sure to find a style to suit your home!

Rustic Red Cast Brick Slips Antique Blend 213x63

How To Install Brick Slips.

Brick Slips are essentially Brick Tiles, and when installing them, you should treat them very much the same way. And remember, these are not suitable for use as a structural part of any project.
Installing Brick Effect Tiles on an interior or exterior wall shouldn’t be a problem for anyone with basic DIY skills, as long as the wall or surface is structurally sound and the right type of adhesive is being used!

From a design point of view, choosing the right style of Brick Slips and ensuring that they are installed straight are some of the most important parts of your project.

However, when it comes to installation, the adhesive is the most important part! This will ensure that your entire project is installed correctly and will ensure that all tiles stay in place and stay looking solid.

Make sure to use Corner Pistols for an authentic finish!

Cast Brick Slips Corner Pistols

Corner Pistols are essential to creating a realistic brick wall effect for any project which includes tiling around a corner.

The right angle of the tile will sit on any corner within your project to show what would be the depth of the brick as it would usually appear in corner of a real brick wall.

Unsure Which Type Of Adhesive To Use On Brick Slips?

Traditional hand-laid Brick Walls are constructed using a conventional sand and cement mortar. However, this is not safe or recommended for installing Brick Slips.

Cement based adhesives are capable of high bond strengths are generally the most reliable, which is why we recommend using this type when installing your Brick Slips. Cement based adhesives are also available in a rapid-set format which can ease the process of installation.

If you are in any doubt, your adhesive supplier will always be able to offer technical information advice on their products.

Installation Tips

  • The substrate should be clean, dry, dust-free, structurally sound and capable of holding the weight of the brick slips and adhesive.
  • The adhesive will not provide instant grip, so you will need to support the first few rows. You can do this with a wooden batten fixed directly to the wall, or if working from the ground up, you can use the ground to support your first row.
  • The back of each Brick Slip should be completely coated with the adhesive. Any parts of the tile that are missed can allow the tiles to come loose, and if installing outside can allow a build-up of water
  • Generally, when tiling, it is recommended that you use a spacer to achieve even spaces between each tile. This also goes for Brick Slips, however, this will always depend on your design.

Technical Information

All of our Cast Brick Effect Tiles have been tested to ASTM C67, C39, C567, C177-04, and BS 4551 standards, which they meet and, in some cases, exceed. See for more information on these tests.

As Brick Slips are essentially just tiles and being just a fraction of the size and weight of real bricks, they are not suitable for use a structural part of any project.

If you have any questions about our Brick Slips or any of our other Wall Cladding or Patio Paving products you can speak to a member of our team on 01206 700 599 or by email on [email protected]


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