Patio Paving Options For 2020

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Sandstone Patio Paving

Our diverse range of Sandstone Paving provides a wealth of design opportunities to cater to all of your design needs. Whether you’re creating a modern or traditional design, we have a style of Sandstone that will suit your project, whatever your budget!

Available with either a naturally riven surface or a smooth, sawn finish, Sandstone Pavers are extremely versatile. Colours range from neutral creams and greys to earthy tones, right up to vibrant multicoloured options! All available in a range of sizes from large flags to mixed-size Patio Kits.

Indian Sandstone is a hard-wearing and durable Natural Stone Paving, designed for outdoor use and will stand the test of time even in harsh weather, retaining its grip underfoot.

The pavers are suited to the British climate offer a robust and long-lasting paving option which will last for decades!

See the most popular Patio Paving from our Indian Sandstone range below or shop the full range here!

Granite Patio Paving

Blue Black Granite Paving Pool

If you’re looking for a high-end finish with plenty of style and durability, Granite Paving is the perfect choice of Patio Paving for you!

Granite is a hard-wearing Natural Stone, suitable for any areas that will see high amounts of footfall, due to its durability, non-slip and scratch-resistant properties.

As one of the most robust Natural Stone Paving materials available, Granite Paving features is often used for commercial projects, due to its ability to withstand high amounts of footfall. But don’t let this put you off from using it for your Garden Paving, as Granite Pavers are also one of our most popular paving options for patios, paths and driveways!

The hard-wearing and durable Paving is designed for outdoor use and will stand the test of time even in harsh weather! The pavers are suited to the British climate offer a robust and long-lasting paving option which will last for decades. The lightly flamed surface texture of each Granite slab helps the stone to retain its non-slip properties underfoot, even when wet! 

Granite is one of the most popular options of Patio Paving! See the full range!

Slate Patio Paving

Slate Paving is an excellent choice for Patio Paving and not only has a striking and unique appearance, but is also extremely strong and hard-wearing!

As well as its impressive durability, Slate Paving offers a unique naturally riven surface texture and their black, grey and blue hues can create a modern finish that will bring life to any garden or patio design. There is also the option Rustic Copper Slate for multi-coloured gold, and rustic tones will really enhance any patio with a stylish finish!

The natural beauty of slate paving is totally unique. So if you’re looking for a beautiful finish, high-quality Patio Paving, Slate is definitely a great choice! Slate Paving is available as both solid colour and multicoloured options, making it easy to match any style or design.

Slate is also incredibly stain-resistant, meaning your stone can look as good as new for even longer! Both its durability and stain-resistant nature makes it one of the best choices for those who want a no-fuss, low maintenance Patio Paving.

See our Slate Paving range here!

Porcelain Patio Paving

Rustic Porcelain 600x900 1

Our Porcelain Paving is a low-maintenance, state-of-the-art Patio Paving option, available in a wide range of colours! Whether you’re creating a modern or traditional design, we have a style of Porcelain that will suit your project, whatever your budget!

Our Porcelain Paving Slabs are not only beautiful, but they’re also very hardwearing and extremely durable, requiring very little upkeep to keep your patio looking its best all year round!

The low-maintenance Patio Paving is easy to clean and due to the low porosity of the stone and is much more resistant to staining than Natural Stone. There is no need to seal Porcelain Paving as the non-porous slabs prevent any excess moisture from building up within the stone, meaning that your paving will not be prone to cracking when temperatures drop. There’s no need to worry about excess rainwater or spills, as the liquid will be unable to penetrate the surface! This also helps to prevent the growth of moss, algae and mould, which can occur wherever there is a build-up of moisture.

Our Porcelain Paving can simply be wiped clean with a damp cloth to remove any dirt or spillages!

Browse our Porcelain Paving range today!

Limestone Patio Paving

Kotah Black Limestone 600x900

Whether you use Limestone Paving slabs inside or out, it can dramatically change the ambience of your space, helping you to achieve the desired look and finish for your Patio Paving. Limestone Paving is a natural and affordable option for patios and gardens!

Limestone Pavers offer a bold and eye-catching finish with striking, dark tones. You can choose from large format pavers or a mixed size Patio Kit, which is perfect for random laying to create a unique finish! There will always be a style of paving to suit your project!

As one of the most affordable Patio Paving materials available, Limestone Paving features a wealth of design opportunities!

Our Limestone is available in a striking Kotah Black colour. The bold tones give a dramatic look to any patio space and can be either the focal point or blend into the background of your space, depending on the hues and features you pair it with.

Shop our Limestone Paving range below!

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