Product Spotlight: Brazilian Black Slate

Brazilian Slate Paving is an incredibly hard-wearing and versatile paving option, suitable for both interior and exterior purposes.

The premium quality Natural Stone Paving features a beautiful, natural finish with a range of stunning deep black and charcoal tones. A perfect alternative to Indian Slate Paving.

Unlike some styles of slate, which are split for a rustic and heavily riven finish, Brazilian Black Slate has a gently riven surface for a much smoother feel to the stone. This gently riven surface gives the stone its natural charm and provides each slab with unique qualities.


Brazilian Black Slate Paving


Like all types of slate, Brazilian Black Slate is formed in layers. However, Brazilian Slate layers are compacted much more than other Slate types. This means that the stone is able to break apart in cleaner layers, avoiding any harsh and deep variations in the surface of the stone.

When slate breaks away in patches, it achieves a rustic and uneven surface, which can give a great, natural look. However, if you are looking for a smoother, more contemporary finish, Brazilian Slate will provide the answer!

The deep charcoal and black colouring to Brazilian Black Slate a unique appearance and also look great when wet!

Small tonal differences between each slab means that each paver has individual characteristics, adding to the natural look of the paving to give an organic feel to any project.

Brazilian Slate Paving 600x900

Brazilian Black Slate is a very strong and durable style of paving.

It’s low water absorption and resistance to frost means that it’s very practical to maintain. The paving will only require a little maintenance to protect it against harsh weather and ensure that it stays looking its best all year round.

As with all Natural Stone Paving, we recommend sealing the stone prior to laying. This will prevent any accidental staining during the laying process and will give you the peace of mind that your patio is already sealed and protected against the elements from day 1!

If you have any questions, we’ll have the answers!

We supply Brazilian Slate Paving in a mixed-size Patio Kit, 600×900, 600×600600×300 slabs.

Our Patio Kit is perfect for random laying. Our individual-sized pavers can be used individually for a simple design or mixed to create a unique and interesting paving layout for any interior or exterior projects.

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You can speak to a member of our team on 01206 700 599, or by email on [email protected]. We also have a Live Chat feature on our website where you can chat directly to a member of our team!


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  • Recently bought some Brazilian black slate from this company there were some small beeakages in transit which I would expect. I emailed proof of this and they managed to get the replacements out to me in two days!! All in all very happy with the quality and will be recommending to friends and family


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