Indian Sandstone Colours: Quick Guide

When renovating your outside space, there are multiple Indian Sandstone colours to choose from; from rich brown and buff tones to neutral hues of grey and sandy yellow – or a medley of them all.

The benefit of natural stone paving is that every slab is unique, which gives your home what we all look to achieve in creating a family-friendly outside space: personality.

While you can choose Indian stone paving for use anywhere in the garden, some colours are better suited to different areas.

Raj Green

Raj Green Sandstone Paving Patio Kit

This Indian sandstone paving is a best-seller with traditional charm. It blends green and brown, dappled with plum and grey tones. When dry, the slabs have an apparent sandy quality; however, when wet, their vibrancy goes through the roof, revealing a rich, earthy palette.

Because of its timeless appeal, Raj Green Indian stone paving is a popular choice for pathways and patios. At the front of your home, create a path with a slate border for a refined finish. In your back garden, use it to create an expansive entertainment area.

Our Raj Green Patio Kit includes 57 calibrated paving slabs, which covers an area of 18m² – ideal for a small outside dining space.

Autumn Brown

Autumn Brown Sandstone Paving Patio Kit

As its name suggests, Autumn Brown Indian Sandstone Paving is a rich variety of sandstone that nods to the deep, earthy hues present throughout the autumn months, when the leaves fall, and the fields are left bear. Its surface is a blend of brown and grey tones with distinct puddles that disperse like watercolour – especially when wet.

Of all Indian Sandstone colours, Autumn Brown is ideally suited to sizeable outside seating areas, steps, and pathways – use it as a foundation for Rattan furniture surrounded by tall green shrubbery for contemporary appeal.

Our Indian Stone Paving Autumn Brown Patio Kit includes enough slabs to cover an 18m² space.

Kandla Grey

Kandla Grey Sandstone Paving Patio Kit

This Indian sandstone paving is ideal for urban outside spaces, especially if you’re seeking a clean-cut and contemporary finish. It gives added neutrality to even small areas and defined with a border – Black Granite Setts are an excellent choice.

Kandla Grey is a medley of light and dark grey hues with intricate light grey veins across the surface. Most of our customers use grey grout to complement the slabs; however, buff-coloured grout is also a popular choice and nicely frames the natural stone.

Our Kandla Grey sandstone patio kit comes in two variations: Calibrated, which has a natural surface, and Sawn and Honed, which has a smooth finish. Both kits come with 57 slabs, which is enough to cover 18m².


Rainbow Sandstone Paving Patio Kit Calibrated 20mm

Rainbow Indian Sandstone Paving has a smooth, sawn finish that boasts defined, colourful veins and intense swirls of brown, buff, yellow, orange, grey, plum, and even hints of purple.

If you want to create a vibrant outside dining area, look no further. Open your French doors to reveal a jungle of plants set atop this artful natural stone paving.

Our Rainbow Sandstone Patio Kit consists of 57 slabs, which is enough to cover an 18m² space.

Sawn Mint

Sawn Mint Indian Sandstone 600x900

Sawn Mint Sandstone Paving is a buff coloured Indian Sandstone which features a blend of yellow, beige, ivory and cream tones. These smooth Sandstone Paving Slabs have a honed finish and look great when wet!

Each slab offers unique veins of colour, providing an eye-catching solution to any modern patio.

This elegant stone is available in a range of sizes to suit your needs, as well as a mixed size Patio Kit covering 18m².

Whichever of our Indian Sandstone colours you choose, per trade advice, always add at least 10% to your order to account for breakages, off-cuts and waste – this will ensure that your tradesperson is not short of slabs when it comes to laying your new patio, pathway, or driveway.


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