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Buff Porcelain Paving 600x900

Our Porcelain Paving is a low-maintenance, state-of-the-art paving option, available in a wide range of colour options! Whether you’re creating a modern or traditional design, we have a style of Porcelain that will suit your project, whatever your budget!

We offer prices from just £29.03/m² Incl. VAT, with Free* Delivery available on full crates, within 2-3 working days!

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White Porcelain 600x600

Porcelain Paving is a non-slip & low-maintenance paving option which beautifully mimics the finish of Natural Stone.


Our Porcelain Paving Slabs are not only beautiful, but they’re also very hardwearing and extremely durable, requiring very little upkeep to keep your patio looking its best all year round! The low-maintenance paving option is easy to clean and due to the low porosity of the stone, is much more resistant to staining than Natural Stone.

There is no need to seal Porcelain Paving as the non-porous slabs prevent any excess moisture from building up within the stone, meaning that your paving will not be prone to cracking when temperatures drop. There’s no need to worry about excess rainwater or spills, as the liquid will be unable to penetrate the surface! This also helps to prevent the growth of moss, algae and mould, which can occur wherever there is a build-up of moisture.

Our Porcelain Paving can simply be wiped clean with a damp cloth to remove any dirt or spillages!

In the long run, this will save you time and money, as a Natural Stone will typically need sealing every 1-2 years.

Suited to the British climate, Porcelain Pavers will withstand extreme temperatures and weather conditions without being susceptible to damage or becoming too hot underfoot in the sun. The pavers are also impervious to fading and will stay true to their original colour, even when subjected to excessive heat and sunlight during the Summer months.

The durability of this state-of-the-art paving option means that it is suited to a wide range of uses. Porcelain Paving is suitable for patios and pathways as well as use on driveways due to the extremely durable nature of the stone. With a slip rating of R11, it can also be used for larger commercial projects where public safety is a concern. Porcelain is also suited to interior use and can even be used for bathrooms, wetrooms and around swimming pools or water features without becoming slippery.

Silver Grey Porcelain 600x600

Our Porcelain range is available in a variety of colours which are designed to mimic the appearance of Natural Stone Paving for an authentic finish. From the light and bright tones within our White, Ivory and Buff Porcelainto the dark and bold colours featured in our Black and Nero Porcelain there is always a style of paving that will suit your project. We also offer beautiful multicolours within our Rustic option and a more subtle, neutral option in our Silver-Grey Porcelain.
Whether you are looking for deep, rich and dramatic tones, to a brighter, airy space, Porcelain Slabs offer the versatility to provide the style you’re looking for, wherever you place them!

Order your FREE Porcelain Sample today!

With so many options, it can be hard to come to a decision on which is the right choice for your project. This is why we offer our customers FREE Samples, allowing you to see and feel the stone prior to ordering, so you can be sure you are making the right choice!

The Benefits of Porcelain Paving

✅ Non-Slip
✅ Low Maintenance
✅ Stain Resistant
✅ Scratch Resistant
✅ Sun & Frost Resistant
✅ Shock Resistant
✅ Hard-Wearing & Highly Durable

With all of these benefits combined, it’s easy to see why Porcelain Pavers are an excellent option for updating any garden, patio, path or driveway with a state-of-the-art paving option!

Due to how Porcelain Paving is made, it is much stronger than Natural Stone. The Vitrified Porcelain Pavers are man-made from a mix of clay, sand and minerals baked at extremely high temperatures. Once fired, each slab is ground and polished, ensuring that they are of a consistent size and colour. This makes the slabs easier to lay and means that your patio will maintain a consistent look throughout. This makes it easier to take your flooring from inside to outside the home, significantly extending your living space and creating an alfresco haven!

Rustic Porcelain Paving 600x600

Laying Porcelain Paving

Porcelain Paving can be laid on a full wet bed of sand/cement, as well as a thin base with the use of a primer or priming slurry. Before laying your Porcelain, it is always advised to seek advice from a tradesperson who can assess the conditions of your area beforehand to account for all the variables that will need to be considered. 

To cut Porcelain Slabs, it is recommended to use a power saw and a diamond blade which is specifically designed for cutting Porcelain and is water-fed. Porcelain Pavers can’t be successfully cut using traditional abrasive cutting discs, even those labelled as being suitable for cutting stone, as this can result in chipping the surface of the slabs. Hand tools such as hammers and chisels are also not suitable for cutting porcelain due to the strength of the stone.

You can also find some great expert advice here on how Porcelain should be installed, including advice on how to cut the stone.

Black Porcelain Paving

Porcelain Paving Prices

When compared to a similar style of Natural Stone Paving, Porcelain works out to be considerably more cost-effective than a similar Natural Stone option. With the added benefit low-maintenance, Porcelain is less expensive than Sawn Natural Stone in the long run and is also a more durable option which will maintain its appearance without the need for any additional sealing or treatment products.

Our Porcelain range starts from £29.03/m² Incl. VAT. With full crates coming to a total of £649. At first glance, this can appear to be more expensive, however, our Porcelain crates cover a larger surface area. 600×900 Crates will cover 21.6m² and 600×600 Crates cover 23.4m².

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