Rustic Porcelain Paving

    Our Rustic Porcelain Paving features a range of gold, copper, black and blue tones throughout the surface with a finish which mimics the appearance of slate, to add a colourful, natural finish to any garden or patio. Porcelain paving tiles are extremely durable and hard-wearing, meaning that will last a lifetime!

    With a slip-resistance rating of R11, our porcelain tiles will retain their grip underfoot, even when wet and as a non-porous stone, they won’t allow moisture to penetrate the surface which will help to prevent any build-up of moss or algae, saving you time and money!

    ✅ Non-Slip
    ✅ Low Maintenance
    ✅ Stain Resistant
    ✅ Scratch Resistant
    ✅ Sun & Frost Resistant
    ✅ Shock Resistant
    ✅ Hard-Wearing & Highly Durable

    If you have any questions or would like a free quote, one of our experts would be happy to help! You can speak to a member of our team on 01206 700 599, via email at [email protected] or through our Live Chat feature!

  • Rustic Porcelain Paving – 600×900 – 21.6m²

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    From: £14.50
  • Rustic Porcelain Paving – 600×600 – 23m²

    From: £8.80
  • Rustic Porcelain Paving – Sample

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    £5.00 Inc. VAT