Azpects – Easy Cleaning – Efflorescence Remover+ – 1 Litre

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Azpects – Easy Cleaning – Efflorescence Remover+ – 1 Litre

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Product Description

EASY Efflorescence Remover+ is a concentrate designed to remove salt stains from new brickwork & paving. It gives long lasting results by using an organic blend which aids the removal of chlorides, sulphates and salts by dissolving & lifting the salts back into a solution ready to be washed away.

The real breakthrough with this product is that unlike common acid based alternatives, it does not simply remove the effects of the salts (i.e. the white surface residue), it actually neutralises the salts within the brick/stone/concrete preventing the white staining from those contaminates appearing again in the future. Of course, if fresh salts afterwards contaminate the structure then Efflorescence Remover+ will have to be re-applied.

Apply using a spray, watering can or brush. Leave for 2 hours & then wash away residue.


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