How to Choose Grout for Natural Stone

When modernising your home, it’s the details that count! Just like choosing paint for an interior project, when you choose grout for Natural Stone, you can make or break the overall finish of your patio!

There are some basic things to consider when choosing grout for Natural Stone Paving.

Foot Traffic

This question is one you should have asked yourself when initially selecting your paving, too. What will you use the space for and how often will it get used?

For example, crisp white grout isn’t the best choice for a busy public walkway as it will quickly fade and look dirty. Instead, you may want to choose an earthy grout colour, such as brown or buff. If you are using Natural Stone Paving in a bathroom or kitchen, on the other hand, white works brilliantly as there is much less foot traffic.

Limestone Paving

Design Options

When determining what grout colour is best for your project, you must consider how the colour will react on the eye. Do you want something that’s going to blend in or a floor that attracts attention?

If you’re struggling to make decisions in other areas, knowing what type of Natural Stone Paving you’re using is the perfect way to figure out what grout will work.


Traditional Designs

For traditional designs, choose a grout that closely matches the colour of the stone. For example, if you’re laying Rippon Buff Sandstone in a country house project, a buff-coloured grout is perfect.

Some experts say that choosing a grout colour similar to that of the natural stone paving is the best way to create a floor that harmonises with the rest of the room. While this is a popular method for choosing grout colour, it’s also the safest option for neutral domestic projects.


For modern or minimalistic designs, choosing a light grout to contrast with a dark stone is a very popluar option.

In contemporary patio designs, you will often see white grout against Black Slate or Limestone Paving, or dark grout against a lighter Porcelain or Sandstone Paving.

Kotah Black Limestone Paving


A more conventional way to choose grout for Natural Stone Paving is to select a colour that complements the stone.

In this case, you would pick a tone from the stone and use the same, or a similar, hue for the grout. For example, if you were laying Rustic Copper Slate, you may like the brown flecks and veins and therefore choose a mushroom-coloured grout, whereas a grey-coloured  grout would work for Silver Grey Granite!

Silver Grey Granite Paving 600x600

If you are looking for a grouting or jointing compound for your paving, we stock Azpects EasyJoint in Buff, Mushroom, Jet Black, Stone Grey and Basalt. Available with FREE DELIVERY!

Tip: If the space between the slabs is more than 1/8 inch, add sand to the grout to reduce cracking and shrinking. You can also seal the grout to make it more resistant to dirt, grime and stains!

Consider your design, your stone, and the practicality of the grout colour, and you can’t go wrong!

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