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If I order now when will my delivery come?

Each product has its own lead time clearly stated next to the product . Typically these are 3-5, 5-10 or 10-15 working days.

What happens if I have some breakages?

Please report any breakages, damages etc as soon as possible.


We have a simple claims procedure to follow. We request all our customers sign the delivery note as “Unchecked for damages”. This will open up a 7 day window to look over your order to check for damages.
We would advise customers to order an extra 10%. This allows for cuts, and the inevitable wastage that comes when laying a patio.
Any claims made after 7 days, with a non claused POD will prejudice any claim for damages against the haulier. In these instances we cannot replace or refund any damaged goods.

What happens if i do not order enough?

Whilst Nustone has a minimum order of one full crate, we do allow our customers to order under this amount as a “top up” order so they can finish projects.


(Please note that some products like sandstone and limestone are exempt from this as they can only be purchased as full crates)

What happens If I order too much?

We are able to take back full unopened packs but we will have to charge you with the cost of collection depending on where you are and what the product is. If you are unsure of how much product you need please email our team at [email protected] or call 01206-700-599 and our sales team will gladly help.

What if i wish to return a product?

Products can be returned as long as they are unopened/undamaged. Returning a product will incur a return delivery fee, normally the same cost as your original delivery.

My Slabs / Tiles / Wall Coverings are not exactly the same as the sample I received, Why?

Samples only represent a typical example of that particular stone type and finish but does not represent the overall proportions of colours that will be found in any final deliveries of the product. This is due to the fact that natural stone products are characteristically subject to colour variations and markings. The degree of colour variations and markings cannot be pre-determined prior to delivery or changed on receipt of the product.

Why are your prices so low?

Nustone prides itself on offering low prices for quality products to our customers. This is possible because we are a direct importer, cutting out the need for costly middlemen.

Delivery related

I have received my order but some stones look like they have scratches and scuff marks on the surface, and small chips on the edges. Are these seconds?

We do not supply seconds. Minor surface marks or scuffs are normally caused by the tiles rubbing together during production or during transit. These will not normally be visible once the stones have been cleaned and sealed. The stones are hand split using chisels and occasionally very small chisel marks may be seen on the edge of the stone. This is characteristic of the stone and not a defect.

How big will the delivery vehicle be?

Access may be needed for a rigid lorry (up to 20ft) otherwise additional delivery charges may be made. For larger orders alternative delivery methods can be arranged. Please call our office to discuss any delivery requirements or for clarification.

How are goods unloaded from the delivery vehicle?

All Deliveries will be made using a lorry with tail lift and pallet truck. The tail lift can only lower onto solid level ground; no slopes, gravel, grass or mud tracks. The pallet truck can only move on flat hard standing ground, either concrete or tarmac are most suitable. There is no mechanical off load facility on the lorry. Please note the driver will leave your order to the nearest practical point of access. This is likely to be ‘kerbside’.


Please note normal tail lift deliveries cannot be made to properties on a slope. Special arrangements will need to be made and this may incur additional delivery costs.

Do I have to be present for the delivery?

Yes, as the order will need checking over and signed for by you the customer or whom you give authorisation to, also It is advisable to have someone taking delivery that is able to help the driver as they may occasionally need help to unload.

My delivery arrived late, can I charge you for my builders time?

Whilst our carriers will always make every effort to deliver the products on the agreed delivery date we can not be held responsible for matters beyond our control that results in your products not arriving on the day in question.


Please do not book builders or hire equipment for the day of delivery in case of any events resulting in the scheduled delivery being delayed.