Waste & Damage

Accounting For Waste

Due to the nature of the laying process, most of the time, cuts will need to be made to slabs to fit around drain covers, into corners or simply to fit the slabs into your space without compromising your design. This will always result in some wastage where the off-cut part of the slab won’t be used. Please ensure that you order an additional 10-15% to account for this, as well as any damages which may occur during installation, as this wastage will bring down the total m² coverage of your order.

Ordering an additional 10-15% to cover wastage, mishaps and natural variations will prevent delays to your project and will also prevent you from needing to order a part pallet as a top-up order, which incurs a £95 handling fee.

Any slabs which are broken or damaged can always be used for offcuts as almost every project will require some form of cutting which will incur waste. We always recommend using any broken or damaged slabs in a way that sees any unaffected part of the slab being used and the affected portion cut off and discarded as waste. This allows you to use the maximum amount of stone possible.

Whilst every effort is taken to ensure that each crate is packed safely and securely, damages can occur in transit on rare occasions. Please be sure that you have the full amount of useable goods you need on-site before booking in any tradespersons and if you do have any breakages in transit, we have a simple claims procedure which you’ll find below!

Natural Variations

As natural products, there may be natural variations within the stone that you decide not to use. Variations such as veining, flecks, differing colours and hairline cracks are normal and it is at your discretion whether you choose to use these slabs depending on whether the variations align with your design needs. It’s important to remember that these variations are not damages or faults and are naturally occurring features of the stone. Ordering an additional 10-15% to account for this is essential as these variations cannot be pre-determined and will vary within each crate. We do our best to display images of each product as accurately as we can, but please keep in mind that these are customer submitted images of natural products in natural lighting. We are always happy to answer any questions you have about natural variations prior to ordering.

To account for any variations, it’s vital that you or your tradesperson check over each slab before use. It’s also important to liaise with the person carrying out the work as you may want them to discard some particular variations. We always advise having these conversations before the work begins in order to prevent the use of any natural variations which don’t suit your preference or design.

Any natural variations within the stone will be evident before laying and, as the quarrying process is very dusty, be sure to clean off any thin layer of dust from the slabs before checking. Please also wet the stone to account for any variations which aren’t obvious whilst the stone is dry. If you are unable to check the slabs for any reason, we recommend that you have somebody do this on your behalf. You can find the approximate weight of each slab listed on our FAQ Page.

If you have more than one crate of paving, it’s important to mix the slabs from each crate to account for any variations between the two crates.

Please keep in mind that the responsibility of checking for natural variations before use lies with the customer and we cannot accept any responsibility for any unwanted natural variations discovered once the product has been used. We are always happy to advise and if you are unsure of anything, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.

For further information on natural variations, please see our Installation Guide here.


If any breakages have occurred in transit, there is no cause for concern and we have a simple claims procedure in place to ensure that you are covered for any damage noted upon delivery that affects over 5% of your order.

You will find all the details you need on how to check and sign for your goods on our Delivery Information Page under ‘Accepting Your Delivery’. We advise our customers to read over all of this information ahead of accepting the delivery and you will find links to this information on your order invoice, dispatch email and the follow-up email that you will receive 24 hours after dispatch.


To submit a claim, please ensure that your goods were signed for as ‘Damaged’, as per our advice on accepting your delivery, and provide the following information within 72 hours of accepting delivery via email to [email protected].

  • Good quality images which clearly show the breakages. Include the whole slab(s) and show the front & back.
  • A maximum of 2 slabs per photo.
  • An accurate count up of how many slabs have been affected, including the dimensions of each slab.
  • Finally, be sure to add your order number to the email.

Only once we have all of this information, can we move forward with a claim. If successful, we will process a refund for any damages which affect over 5% of your order.

We cannot process a claim for damages after this 72 hour period or if the delivery note is not signed as “Damaged” and can only accept one claim per consignment.

A claim is not submitted until all of this information is provided and please note that our policy is to issue a refund for any successful claims. We do not offer free replacements.

Minor marks to the surface, edge or corner of a slab can occur when handling or during transportation. These will not affect the performance of the slab and cannot be claimed for.


Always be sure to accept delivery of the full materials needed before your project starts. This will allow you time to check for breakages and raise a claim before your project starts and will avoid any damages holding up work.

Nustone cannot be held liable for any situations outside of our control such as agreements or contracts between the customer and their contractor.

We require any damaged slabs to be re-secured to a pallet and returned to us before we can proceed with your refund. Please contact us for the correct return address before proceeding.

Any refund due will be processed as soon as possible and once actioned, the funds will typically take 2-5 days to appear in your account.

We are unable to offer any refunds for breakages in transit on orders which the customer has collected/arranged to have collected by a third party. 

For any further information or advice, please contact us on 01206 700 599 or via email at [email protected].