Granite Paving

    “Where granite meets the earth, beauty and durability are forever  intertwined.” 

    Granite paving is a truly stunning choice for outdoor patios and, as a natural stone that has stood the test of time for thousands of years, your patio will be no different! 

    Imagine the sun setting over your garden, casting a warm glow over the lightly flamed surface of our Granite Paving as it gently glistens in the sunlight.

    The non-slip texture of the stone ensures that you and your guests can move around safely, even if the weather is wet, allowing you to enjoy your space with friends and family with peace of mind.

    Our Granite Paving will withstand heavy use and extreme weather conditions to keep your patio looking just as beautiful as the day it was installed.

    ✅ Durable & Hard-Wearing
    ✅ Flamed Or Shotblasted Surface Texture
    ✅ Scratch Resistant
    ✅ Non-Slip

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  • Blue Black Granite Paving Slabs – 800×200 – 18.65m² – 20mm

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