Choosing Natural Stone Bathroom Tiles

Natural stone floor tiles are a fantastic way to vamp up your bathroom. However, choosing a type of stone that’s suitable can be a headache. That’s what we’ve put together a quick guide to choosing natural stone bathroom tiles that will transform your room.


Types of Natural Stone Bathroom Tiles

Almost any type of natural stone can be used in the bathroom thanks to a natural stone sealer that protects the stone. Therefore, there are few limitations in the type of natural stone floor tiles you can use, but the finish is crucial.

Popular types of stone tiles for use in the bathroom include slate, marble, limestone, and terracotta. However, as marble is so expensive, the most popular type of natural stone for the bathroom is slate, which is available in a variety of hues and finishes.


When choosing your floor tiles, always consider the finish and how it will react in the space.

For example, slate is available with a natural, riven (rough) surface and a honed (smooth) surface. But do you really want a smooth floor in a room that’s going to get wet frequently? Probably not as wet tiles become slippery and can, therefore, be dangerous.


At Nustone, we recommend riven slate tiles for your floor and honed tiles for your walls.


Traditional vs. Contemporary

When choosing natural stone bathroom tiles, you must keep in mind the overall style of your home.

If your home is traditional, Rustic Copper Slate is an excellent choice for your bathroom.

If you live in a modern new-build or a converted property, Brazilian Slate is a much more contemporary, slick flooring material.

Black slate is incredibly popular for use in wet rooms, especially when accented with matching slate split face wall panels.


Big Tiles vs. Small Tiles

There is a ruling illusion to keep in mind when choosing natural stone bathroom tiles: large tiles in a small room will make the room appear more spacious. It’s a fact. Therefore, if your bathroom or shower room is small, you should use larger tiles. If your bathroom is large, using small to medium-sized tiles will have the same effect. Large tiles in a large room will make the room appear smaller.

The more grout lines you have in a room, the smaller the room appears. Therefore, choose tiles that fit the size of your bathroom.


Installation and Finishing Touches

At Nustone, we always recommend using a professional tiler for the best finish.

Keep in mind that large natural stone bathroom tiles are heavier than smaller tiles and, therefore, can be trickier to install. Consequently, you may pay more in installation fees for large floor tiles. However, what you spend in money you’ll save in time.

When laying natural stone floor tiles in your bathroom, consider the colour of the grout you choose and how it will affect the overall appearance. In a modern property, white grout against black slate looks fantastic, whereas, in a traditional property, buff or brown grout may be more in keeping.

Make sure you choose a waterproof grout to prevent cracks from appearing later down the line.


Cleaning and Maintenance

When your brand-new bathroom floor is in place, make sure you seal the tiles to protect them from water and grime. You should re-seal your bathroom tiles once a year to keep them looking their best and prevent water damage. Also, to enhance the colour of your stone, you can apply a natural stone colour enhancer.

To clean your natural stone floor tiles, use a specially formulated natural stone floor cleaner.

If you’re using terracotta in your bathroom, you will need to apply specialist products.


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