A Quick Guide To Our Porcelain Paving Colours

Porcelain Paving offers a range of features that you won’t find within Natural Stone and the man-made tiles are designed to imitate the appearance of natural stone to create a beautiful and authentic finish to your space.


As Porcelain is a man-made material with a printed finish, the consistency of the finish can be controlled, unlike a natural product, where variations in pattern and tone are entirely natural and subject to many variables during the formation of the stone over thousands of years.

Our Vitrified Porcelain range comes in a variety of finishes that are designed to imitate the look of Sandstone, Slate & Granite Paving. So you can enjoy the appearance of a beautiful natural stone with all the modern conveniences of low-maintenance paving that will keep your space looking its best with minimal upkeep!


✅ R11 Non-Slip Rating
✅ Low Maintenance
✅ Stain, Scratch & Shock Resistant
✅ Hard-Wearing & Highly Durable

Black & Nero Porcelain Paving

Black Porcelain Paving
Black Porcelain
Nero Porcelain Paving
Nero Porcelain

Our Black and Nero Porcelain feature a range of black, charcoal and grey tones throughout the surface with a finish that mimics the appearance of slate.

When slate paving is produced, the stone is split causing a natural riven which follows the line of the layers within the stone. This gives the stone 2 surfaces. The clean, smooth surface and the raised or indented riven variations, which provide its natural, rugged appeal. Our Black and Nero Porcelain options are designed with these natural variations in mind and each slab features a riven effect appearance whilst maintaining its flat surface.

Because of this, our dark porcelain is often used as an alternative to Brazilian Black Slate or Blue Black Slate.

Light & Bright Porcelain Paving

White Porcelain
Ivory Porcelain Paving
Ivory Porcelain
Quartzite Porcelain Paving
Quartzite Porcelain

The light and bright tones available will mimic the look of Sandstone Paving and offer a more consistent look than natural stone. Light colours will always add a sense of space to your garden and brighten up any dark areas which don’t see much natural light.

Quartzite Porcelain offers occasional variations in tone and colour to replicate those found within Sawn Mint Sandstone.

Grey Porcelain Paving

Valencia Grey Porcelain
Silver Grey Porcelain Paving
Silver Grey Porcelain

Grey Porcelain Paving is a popular choice for domestic and commercial projects alike, due to the neutral silver, white and grey tones that are displayed through each slab. As with any design, neutral colours open up a wealth of additional design opportunities to create an eye-catching space!

Silver Grey or Valencia Grey Porcelain can provide a subtle and neutral backdrop to any project. The finish it creates is similar to that of our Silver Grey Granite or Kandla Grey Sawn Sandstone which is often used for commercial projects. Porcelain is well suited to these types of uses due to the hard-wearing, non-slip and low-maintenance properties that it offers. This makes it perfect for high-traffic areas and is becoming a popular choice for public spaces!

Order A FREE Sample!


If you can’t decide which colour of porcelain is right for you, order a free sample to see an example of some of the tones and colours you’ll find within the tiles!

Order FREE Sample Service allows you to feel the stone for yourself and compare your options so you can be sure that you’re making the right decision on your choice of Porcelain.

If you have any further questions about Porcelain Paving or any other products, contact a member of our team!

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