Granite Paving 600×300

    Granite Paving 600×300 is a versatile paving option, great for any modern or traditional patio design. The slabs offer a range of design opportunities when used alone or when paired with other sizes. The 600×300 pavers also work great for edges and borders to give your patio the perfect finishing touches! This hard-wearing natural stone paving features a non-slip and scratch-resistant surface which will stay looking its best all throughout the year.

    ✅ Durable & Hard-Wearing
    ✅ Lightly Flamed Surface Texture
    ✅ Scratch Resistant
    ✅ Non-Slip

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  • Silver Grey Granite Paving – 600×300 – 18m²

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    FROM: £33.06
  • Blue Black Granite Paving – 600×300 – 18m²

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    FROM: £36.11