Sandstone Paving Prices for 2023

Sandstone Paving Prices in 2023


Sandstone Paving is widely admired for its range of beautiful natural colours and variations in tone throughout and is one of the most affordable options for any residential project to bring your garden to life!

Despite its high quality, Sandstone Paving prices are surprisingly low, which means you can create your dream garden for a fraction of the cost of other types of natural stone paving.

Below, we’ll have a look at the various Sandstone paving options to help you choose a stone that fits your design preferences as well as your budget!

Rippon Buff Sandstone Paving

Low-Cost Indian Sandstone Paving


Riven Sandstone Paving is typically the cheapest option as the stone requires less treatment at the source to achieve the desired look and finish, but this doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on quality! Our cheapest sandstone paving is sourced from the same high-quality quarries as the rest of our range and the difference in price simply depends on the finish of the stone.

A riven surface is created naturally when the stone is split along its natural layers, providing a truly authentic finish. This process leaves beautiful natural variations in texture throughout the surface of each slab, meaning that no paver is exactly the same, one of the main appeals of riven sandstone. Each riven slab features hand-dressed edges which add to the natural, organic look and feel of paving to create a timeless appeal to any traditional design. This style of Indian stone paving is suited to traditional settings and is a great alternative to Yorkstone, whilst also working out to be less expensive!

Fossil Mint Sandstone

Our Fossil Mint Sandstone is a great choice for creating a unique patio and is perfect for traditional settings featuring gold, buff and warm orange tones with occasional natural fossil detailing. The stone is formed over thousands of years, adding an eye-catching finish to any garden or patio! This Indian Sandstone paving option is resistant to any harsh weather conditions and will stay looking its best all year round.

Fossil Mint Sandstone
Autumn Brown Sandstone Paving

Autumn Brown Sandstone

Autumn Brown Sandstone Paving offers a medley of earthy tones, predominantly featuring browns, buffs and greys. The Indian stone is a very popular choice for any rural patio or garden path and is easy to lay, with the warm tones blending seamlessly into any traditional design.

Raj Green Sandstone

As one of our most popular choices, Raj Green Sandstone Paving will transform your garden with its range of green, brown, buff and grey tones, offering your exterior an eye-catching natural appeal with a variety of tones that will seamlessly blend into any rural environment. The Patio Kit is ideal for random laying and contains 57 slabs in a mixture of four sizes, calibrated to 22mm thick and covers 18m².

Raj Green Sandstone Paving
Rippon Buff Sandstone Paving

Rippon Buff Sandstone

Rippon Buff Sandstone Paving features a range of warm golden tones, as well as orange, pink and purple hues, with occasional natural veining and variations throughout. The natural colours of the slabs become more vibrant when the stone is wet, creating an eye-catching finish to any garden or patio! This elegant stone looks great when wet and will stay looking its best all year round, as well as staying resistant to any harsh weather conditions.

Kandla Grey Sandstone

Create a traditional feel to your garden with our Kandla Grey Sandstone Paving. As one of the most sought after styles of grey Indian stone, it displays a beautiful range of light tones which will brighten up any exterior to create an added sense of space! The ethically sourced Kandla Grey Sandstone promises an outdoor area filled with character and is a household favourite, with the mixed-size Patio Kit providing a wealth of design opportunities.

Kandla Grey Sandstone Paving

Mid-Range Indian Sandstone Paving


Sawn Sandstone Paving will add a little extra to the cost of the stone due to the additional processes that each slab goes through to provide its smooth texture and accurately machine cut edges. Sawn sandstone is sawn straight off the block, rather than being split naturally, before the slabs are cut down to size and honed or sandblasted on the top surface, creating a smooth finish with a slight sheen. Our Smooth Sandstone Paving is sawn on all 6 sides, meaning that the 4 edges are also straight and machine-cut with a smooth finish to complete the contemporary look. Sawn sandstone paving offers an entirely different appeal to riven sandstone and features more vibrant patterns and colours.

When it comes to sandstone paving prices, our mid-range options are a great choice for those who are looking for a modern finish and a smooth surface.

Sawn Mint Sandstone

Sawn Mint Sandstone

Sawn Mint Sandstone is a striking Sandstone Paving option that features a range of buff, cream, ivory and vanilla tones throughout. Each slab is sawn on all 6 sides for a smooth surface that looks stunning when wet! Our hard-wearing and durable Sawn Mint Sandstone is an elegant stone that will suit a range of patio designs. We supply a range of individual-sized pavers as well as a mixed size Patio Kit which consists of 4 different sized slabs.

Sawn Mint Sandstone suits a range of contemporary patio designs with a variety of tones which will create an eye-catching and elegant finish to any exterior space. The stone is a low maintenance paving option that is suited to the British climate. If you are looking for individual-sized slabs or a mixed size Patio Kit, we have a range of Sawn Mint Sandstone to suit your project!

Sawn Mint Sandstone Paving
Rainbow Sandstone Paving

Rainbow Sandstone

If you want to add a burst of character to your garden, you can’t beat our Rainbow Sandstone!

Rainbow Indian Sandstone is an eye-catching and durable option used for patios and pathways, with each paving slab offering individual qualities of intense swirls and patterns! The stone features bright oranges and purples which will brighten up and garden or patio! The ethically sourced Rainbow Sandstone promises an outdoor area filled with character and the mixed-size Patio Kit provides a wide option of design options!

Premium Indian Sandstone Paving


Smooth Sandstone makes for an excellent all-around choice for your patio while also being robust and hard-wearing. Furthermore, at Nustone, we offer the highest quality Sandstone through our trusted suppliers and ensure our prices are the most competitive available!

Available in various shapes and sizes, our Sawn & Honed Indian Sandstone Paving can work with almost any garden design and is versatile enough to create a variety of different styles and looks! Complementing both contemporary spaces and period gardens effortlessly, Sandstone Paving is an excellent choice for any property.

Grey Sandstone Paving

Kandla Grey Sawn & Honed Sandstone

Kandla Grey Indian Stone is a stunning, contemporary choice of garden paving that will suit any modern patio design. As one of the most consistent styles of grey sandstone paving, it is a hugely popular option for patios, pathways and gardens across the UK.

Rippon Buff Sawn Sandstone Patio Kit

Rippon Buff Sawn Sandstone

Rippon Buff Sawn Sandstone features bright orange, purple and pink details set against warm beige and buff tones throughout the smooth, sawn surface. The unique natural swirls and veining provide the stone with its natural charm and beauty which really come to life when the stone is wet.

Ivory Sawn Sandstone

Ivory Sawn Sandstone is a light coloured paving which features a blend of ivory, beige and cream tones. These smooth slabs offer subtle and unique blends of colour throughout, providing an eye-catching finish for any modern patio. Perfect for any modern or contemporary patio design. This elegant stone is designed for exterior use and is suited to the British climate.

Ivory Sandstone Paving
Raj Green Sawn Sandstone

Raj Green Sawn Sandstone

Raj Green Sandstone is one of the most popular choices of Indian Sandstone Paving for patios. Its natural surface boasts a medley of supple, earthy hues, including green and brown, dappled with occasional plum and grey tones.


There is a wide range of Sandstone Paving options available, meaning that you have plenty to choose from when renovating your garden or patio.


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