Garden Design Ideas: Slate Paving

Slate Paving is one of the most popular types of natural stone paving available and is a versatile option which can be used inside and out, in properties both old and new!

Explore some of our favourite slate paving ideas for your garden below…

Stepping Stones & Islands

One of our favourite uses of slate slabs is to create a charming stepping stone or slate island area which can be placed on top of pebbles to separate the different sections of your space.

Expansive Patio

The excellent thing about slate paving is that no tile is the same, which means you can use it in expansive outdoor spaces without it feeling boring. In this example, the patio is packed with character and charm but still sits nicely alongside the contemporary outdoor dining area.

Modern Outdoor Dining

Large grey slate are used here with white concrete and wood for a clean-cut, contemporary outdoor dining area. Using large tiles in a small area makes the space feel cosy, as does the use of wooden fencing and surrounding shrubbery that adds further privacy.

Indoor, Outdoor Living

If you have large doors that open all the way in your kitchen, or any room that leads out to your garden, you can use slate tiles in both your home and your patio to give the impression that it is one large space. This style is incredibly modern and refreshing.

Bring The Outdoors, In

Using slate as interior tiles will bring the organic feel of the outdoors into your home whilst offering a luxury and high-end appeal to any room!

Don’t Stop At Paving

Pair your slate paving with either a matching or complementary colour of slate wall cladding to add an extra layer of interest to your design!

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