Our 4 Different Porcelain Paving Finishes

Unlike natural stone paving, porcelain is a man-made material with a printed finish. This means that the consistency of the finish can be controlled, unlike natural stone where variations in pattern and tone are a part of its appeal.

Our Italian porcelain paving range comes with a variety of finishes, so you can find the right style and colour for your garden or patio.

Read on to see how our range of porcelain finishes will fit into your design…

Wood Grain

This finish emulates the natural grain found in a surface of cut or split wood. If your design calls for a natural, organic look, this finish could be a great addition to your project!

Porcelain paving with this finish can be used as a much stronger and low-maintenance alternative to wooden decking. It’s an easy, wipe-clean option which can be exposed to the elements all year. The natural wood effect will still compliment your patio design, with added benefits of durability.

This finish comes in 1200×400 porcelain slabs which emulate the look of regular wooden decking more than a wider rectangle or square slab would.

Our Walnut, Forest, Silverwood and Desert porcelain paving all feature this wood grain effect. The range of four shades offers plenty of options to find the right colour to suit your patio or garden.


Our Charcoal, Clay, Light Grey and Ivory ranges of porcelain come with a concrete effect finish.

This provides the look of poured concrete with all the qualities that our modern porcelain paving usually offers, such as low-maintenance, scratch resistance and a non-slip surface.

The finish creates a stylish minimalistic look to any interior or exterior space.

All of our concrete effect porcelain is available in 600×600 or 800×800 square slabs.

Belgian Bluestone

The Belgian bluestone finish of the Titanium, Graphite and Vanilla porcelain ranges offer a speckled and slightly weathered effect, true of the natural stone that it emulates.

It’s aged and antique look allows you to achieve a worn-in style to suit your design, with all the usual added benefits of the man-made porcelain.

This finish is available in 600×600 or 800×800 square slabs as well as 800×400 rectangle slabs, in a range of three shades.



The Grigio, Piombo and Anthracite porcelain options have a slate effect finish, which emulates the look of a natural slate paving slab.

The precise man-made porcelain is without the riven surface which occurs within natural slate. But the effect is printed onto the stone instead. Meaning that you can still achieve the varied look of slate, with the smooth consistency of porcelain.

These slate-effect slabs come at a size of 1000×1000 and offer a bold and eye-catching finish.


Whether it’s wood grain, concrete, Belgian bluestone or slate effect that you’re looking for in a light or dark tone, there will always be a style of porcelain paving to suit your patio or garden.

The man-made, printed finish gives you control and consistency in the stone. And it’s low maintenance and durability will allow your project to stay looking its best for years to come!

For any further information that you made need on our porcelain range, don’t hesitate to contact our sales team, who would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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