Natural Slate Paving

    While many different types of stone are used for paving, patios and paths, one of the most popular materials is Slate Paving. Slate Paving slabs are an excellent choice for outdoor spaces. Slate not only has a striking and unique appearance but is also extremely strong and hard-wearing.

    For many centuries, builders have been using Slate for buildings and constructions that have easily stood the test of time. Slate Paving is sure to last a lifetime thanks to its excellent durability.

    As well as its impressive durability, Slate slabs have so many more benefits. For example, Slate Pavers have a unique riven texture and its black, grey and blue coloured hues can create a modern finish that will bring life to any garden or patio design. There is also the option for multi-coloured gold, and rustic tones will really enhance any paved area and create a centrepiece style finish!

  • Brazilian Black Slate Paving – 600×900 – 18m²

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    From: £17.00
  • Brazilian Black Slate Paving – 600×600 – 18m²

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  • Brazilian Black Slate Paving – 600×300 – 18m²

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