Azpects EasyJoint – 12.5kg

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Azpects EASYJoint is one of the most widely-used jointing compounds for natural stone paving and comes in a range of colours to suit any design.

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Product Description

Azpects EASYJoint

Azpects EASYJoint is the original all-weather, environmentally friendly jointing compound that delivers brilliant results and is developed specifically for use with natural stone paving such as our Sandstone, Granite, Slate and Limestone ranges.

EASYJoint is fast and easy to apply in wet or dry conditions, leaving no voids and ensuring that every nook & cranny is filled to create a strong and long-lasting joint with minimal effort.

Azpects EASYJoint will be delivered separately to your paving to ensure that you have all parts of your order as soon as possible!

Use the table below to find out how many tubs you will need or use the handy Azpects EASYJoint Calculator.

The figures below are based on the recommended joint width of 12mm and a joint depth of 25mm.

Slab Size Approx. Coverage Per Tub
Mixed Size Patio Kit 6m²
1200×600 9m²
600×900 6m²
600×600 6m²
600×300 4.5m²
800×200 3.5m²
600×150 2.5m²



We also stock Azpects EASYPrime, as well as EASYGrout which is designed specifically for Porcelain Paving.

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Colour Buff Sand, Basalt, Jet Black, Mushroom, Stone Grey
Brand Azpects


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