Carnell Bioethanol Fireplace

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Product Description

Carnell Bioethanol Indoor & Outdoor Fireplace


✅ German Stainless Steel
✅ Sleek Design & Quality Craftsmanship
✅ Easy Assembly & Maintenance
✅ Floor Mounted & Movable
✅ Indoor & Outdoor Use
✅ Eco Friendly & CE Approved


The Carnell Bioethanol Patio Heater is the epitome of outdoor living convenience. This mid-height table doubles as a heater, ensuring you stay warm and cosy while dining or entertaining outdoors. Imagine indulging in a dining experience like no other, gathered around this grand and trendy structure.

Crafted with a robust German stainless steel body 1.2-1.5mm thick, the fireplace embodies durability while being heat-resistant to ensure safety and consistent performance. The stunning American Forest high-temperature paint adds to the visual charm.

Powered by clean-burning bioethanol fuel, you can enjoy a cosy ambience at the click of a lighter without any heavy smoke or the regular cleaning that traditional fire heaters bring, so you can spend more time creating memories in comfort.

Installation is a breeze, helping your fireplace become a hassle-free addition to your indoor or outdoor setup so you can enjoy cosy evenings right away! Each of our Fireplaces is floor-mounted and movable, so you can embrace the ambience inside or out, allowing you to get the most out of your fireplace wherever it suits you. A handy waterproof cover is even included to keep your heater clean and safe between uses.

1400x800x400mm 40kg

Instruction Manual

Health & Safety

  • Maintain a safe distance of at least 50cm from the flame during use.
  • Keep children away from the fireplace.
  • Use non-flammable materials for the installation platform.
  • Add fuel only when the fireplace surface temperature is below 40°C.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher close by.
  • Ensure the environment is free from corrosive substances.
  • Avoid using in strong winds.

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Product Code:
Size 1400x800mm
Colour Black & White
Brand Nustone


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