Sandstone Paving

Sandstone Paving is made from Natural Stone which is quarried in India. Available in a range of colours and styles from paving which features light, buff tones right through to brown, silver and dark greys.

Types of Sandstone Paving:


Within each style of Sandstone Paving, you will find natural variations in colour and tone. These variations give the Sandstone its natural charm and character. With each slab featuring its own bands of colour and veining.
These tones appear subtle when dry and will be more prominent when wet. One of the features of Sandstone Paving which adds to its natural charm.

The lighter options of Sandstone are more porous than the darker variations and will tend to need a little extra care and some additional sealing and treating. Sealing Sandstone is a quick and simple process which will help to protect your stone against harsh weather, staining and other damage.

See our blogs on cleaning and maintenance here for more information on keeping your patio clean and protecting it against harsh weather.


Sandstone Paving is available with a riven surface, which is a natural and varied finish to the slabs. This surface is made when the stone is split and gives the paving its natural characteristics and charm. It will also provide a little extra grip underfoot.
This surface will suit any traditional patio design, with the riven surface blending seamlessly into its environment to create a beautiful, chic patio.

Smooth, sawn and honed surfaces are also available in some styles of Sandstone.
Paving with a sawn finish has a very different appearance, making it a more contemporary option. These hand-cut edges will allow you to create a more precise finish to your patio, with the straight edges enabling close jointing, which complements a modern patio design.

We offer the following styles and surfaces in our Sandstone Paving range.

Kandla Grey
Raj Green
Autumn Brown
Rippon Buff

Kandla Grey
Raj Green
Sawn Mint


Sandstone Paving is a popular option for patios and exterior living spaces, as well as garden paths. The range of options available when it comes to colour and slab sizes means that you’ll easily be able to find a size and style of Sandstone to suit your needs.

Our Sandstone Paving Slabs are available in 600×900, 600×600 and 800×200, as well as mixed size Patio Kits, which feature a range of 4 different sized slabs. Perfect for creating a random lay pattern in your patio for a unique design.

We also offer variations in thickness in our Sandstone Pavers.
Our Raj Green and Autumn Brown Sandstone are available with varied thickness of 20-30mm. This variation in thickness is due to the natural riven surface of the paving slabs and the difference in height that will occur between these pavers.

We also offer calibrated options in our Kandla Grey, Sawn Mint, Rainbow, Raj Green Sawn and Rippon Buff Sandstone. These slabs are calibrated with an even thickness of 22mm to help with an easy laying process to achieve an even patio.

For further advice on laying your patio, we recommend Paving Expert.


If you’re considering Sandstone Paving for your patio or exterior space, see our full range here. This includes all of our sizes and colour options, as well as Patio Kits.
Sandstone Paving is a versatile and durable option for any modern or traditional patio, with a range of styles, colours, sizes and finishes to choose from to create your dream exterior.

If you have any further questions about our range of Sandstone Paving, you can speak to a member of our team on 01206 700 599, or by email at [email protected]


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