What Is Indian Sandstone Paving?

Indian Sandstone has been a very popular choice of garden paving for over 30 years now and is a cost-effective, affordable choice for any patio.


Well-known for its natural beauty and tonal variation, each style of Sandstone Paving offers a unique colour palette, as well as subtle veining details and even some plant fossil markings which are created naturally over thousands of years.

We offer a huge range of colours, textures and sizes to suit any project so you can find the perfect style of Sandstone for you! 

Most people will only lay one or two patios in their lifetime and choosing the right slabs can be tricky, but we are always on hand to guide you through the most important things you’ll need to consider when it comes to choosing a high-quality Indian Sandstone so you can be sure that you make the right choice for your space and that your garden stays looking its best all year round.

Why Choose Indian Sandstone Paving?

Sandstone Paving is held in very high regard throughout the landscaping industry and is often the go-to choice for many landscapers and garden designers thanks to its versatility, as well as being a much more affordable option when compared to similar stones such as Yorkstone.

All of our Indian slabs come from the finest quality sources in India who operate with the highest level of ethical standards to provide high-quality products as well as CE certification.

Indian Sandstone Colours

When choosing a style of Sandstone Paving for your patio, one of the main characteristics that you will base your decision on is the colour.

Kandla Grey Sandstone is one of the most popular types of Indian Stone available due to the neutral tones throughout which is always a great option if you are unsure of which colours to choose for your garden.

If you’re looking for something a little brighter, there are a multitude of options available to you from lighter tones or subtle colour variations to vibrant multicoloured options.

Styles include Kandla Grey, Sawn Mint, Raj Green, Autumn Brown, Fossil Mint, Rippon Buff, Rainbow and Ivory. With such a wide variety of colours, textures and sizes, there will always be something to suit your project, design and budget!

As with any paving, colours will appear lighter in the summer sunlight and will become richer and more vibrant when wet.

Should I Choose Riven Or Smooth Sandstone? What’s The Difference?


In a nutshell, Riven or Tumbled Sandstone will create a rural, countryside feel which is provided by the hand-cut surface and variations in texture across the face of the slabs. A Smooth Sandstone will add a modern look to bring your garden right up to date for a contemporary touch to any residential setting and Shot Blasted Paving offers a very similar appearance to a sawn stone with some added texture.


Riven Sandstone

Riven surfaces are created when the stone is hand-cut along its natural layers providing a truly authentic finish. This process leaves beautiful natural variations in texture throughout the surface of each slab, meaning that no slab is the same.

Each riven slab features hand-dressed edges which add to the natural and organic look, creating a timeless appeal to any traditional design. This style of Indian paving slabs suits a rural setting for a traditional country cottage feel.

Tumbled Paving is treated by passing the riven through a slowly rotating drum. This process smoothes off the edges, corners and surface to give the stone a slightly aged look that will blend seamlessly into any space as if it had already been there for years.

When tumbling a riven stone, the variations in the surface texture of the slabs remain but any harsh variations are smoothed off, resulting in a lightly riven texture that is much smoother to the touch and giving the stone a long-established appearance.

Grey Indian Sandstone

Smooth Sandstone

Sawn sandstone is sawn straight off the block rather than being split naturally. The sawn slabs are then cut down to size using a machine and the top surface is honed or sandblasted, creating a smooth finish with a slight sheen.

The smooth sandstone is then sawn on all 6 sides, meaning that the 4 edges are also straight and machine-cut with a smooth finish to complete the contemporary look which always compliments any modern design with clean, straight lines for a neat and polished look.

Shot Blasted Paving offers is perfect for any project which needs the sleek and modern appearance of a sawn stone with a little extra grip.

Shot blasting is a technique used to produce a slightly rough texture to the surface of the stone. Each slab is sawn on all six sides before the top surface of the pavers is peppered with shots of small steel beads at high velocity. This removes a fine layer from the surface of the stone and adds an even degree of texturing to the surface of the slabs for a textured look.

Our Smooth Sandstone has a level of natural slip resistance and, as long as the paving is maintained, the stone will retain its grip underfoot. We advise taking the usual care and precautions when walking on any Indian stone paving slabs when wet, but the slabs are not known to be slippery and are designed specifically for outdoor use.

Maintain the stone by cleaning and sealing regularly to prevent any build-up of moss, mould or algae which can cause the stone to become slippery. Read more about the maintenance of your paving HERE.

Sawn Mint Sandstone Paving

See The Full Range Of Finishes Below

Strength & Durability

Indian Sandstone Paving is suited to the British climate and is a very strong and durable option that will stand the test of time in any project. The natural stone has been widely used all across the UK for many years and is available in either 20mm or 22mm thick.

These thicknesses are more than enough to ensure a solid and sturdy finish to your project which will withstand any regular use for a garden or patio.

For a driveway or anywhere that will be seeing excessive use or weight, thicker slabs are recommended. Likewise, thinner slabs are also available for any cheap and cheerful projects such as a shed base or a temporary solution. Find out more about Cheap Paving Options.

What is Calibrated Sandstone Paving?

The term ‘Calibrated’ means that the slabs have been cut to a consistent thickness and makes them easier to lay than a non-calibrated stone.

Our Riven Sandstone Paving is calibrated to 22mm and our Sawn Sandstone is calibrated to 20mm. An allowance should be made for +/- 5mm.

Sandstone Paving Sizes

We supply a range of size options from large slabs which are best suited to a contemporary patio design right up through to small sandstone pavers which are great for edging and borders to add the finishing touches to your garden.

Our patio kits offer a range of different slab sizes which you can mix and match to create a random laying pattern so you can fit the slabs into your space however you like.

Sealing Sandstone Paving

It’s generally advised to seal Sandstone Slabs to help prevent staining, as well as preventing the growth of any moss or algae.

You may want to consider sealing your slabs if your stone is light in colour, as any stains will be more visible, but sealing is not compulsory and there are plenty of options that will provide various results. Some sealants will simply seal and protect, whereas others can even be used to enhance the colour of your slabs. Sealing sandstone paving will also help to protect against other general wear such as fading which can sometimes occur over long periods.

As for when to apply a sealer, there are no specific guidelines and most landscapers will have their own tried and tested methods. Some people choose to seal their paving slabs before laying to prevent any staining during the laying process and others prefer to leave their stone unsealed for up to a year, allowing the sandstone to weather naturally first. To find out what is best for you, we always advise speaking to a local tradesperson who will be able to assess the needs of your project. You can find out more about Sealing Paving Slabs on our blog HERE.

Grey Sandstone Paving

Order A FREE Sample

With so many options, it can be hard to come to a decision on which is the right choice of Indian stone slabs for your project. This is why we offer our customers FREE Samples, allowing you to see and feel the stone before ordering so you can be sure you are making the right choice!

Our free sample service will allow you to see an example of some of the textures and tones within our sandstone paving and you’ll be able to see some great examples of some of the natural variations that you’re likely to see within the stone on each product page.

As a natural stone, the full range of variations in colour and tone can’t be pre-determined but our free sample service will give you a great idea of some of the colours within the slabs, as well as allowing you to feel the surface texture for yourself. Keep in mind that our sandstone paving will appear darker when wet and if you have any further questions, a member of the team would be happy to help!

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As one of the most popular options of garden paving available, there will always be a style of Indian Sandstone Paving that will suit your design needs and your budget

If you have any questions or would like a free quote, one of our experts would be happy to help!

You can speak to a member of our team on 01206 700 599, or via email at [email protected].

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