5 Things You Should Know About Porcelain Paving

Porcelain Paving is rapidly becoming one of the most popular types of paving available!


When we think of Porcelain, strength and durability aren’t necessarily the first things that come to mind, but when it comes to paving, any preconceptions we have been turned on their head!

As one of the strongest types of paving currently available, Porcelain is rapidly becoming the go-to option for home and business owners alike.

Read on to find out the 5 Things You Should Know About Porcelain Paving if you’re thinking of using it as a part of your project.

1. Strength


Porcelain paving is made from a mix of clay, sand and minerals baked at a high-temperature. The resulting paving slabs are hard-wearing and highly durable when you compare them to other outdoor paving options and are the perfect solution for high-traffic areas such as patios and pathways and driveways, or in larger commercial projects and public areas which are more like to see excessive use.

Because of the state-of-the-art manufacturing process, porcelain is incredibly strong and can easily withstand high levels of footfall. The tiles can also take the weight of vehicles and heavy loads, making it a great option for driveways too!

Outdoor porcelain tiles will easily withstand any extreme or severe weather conditions without being damaged and are sure to provide a strong and sturdy base to your project.

2. Maintenance


Due to the pressure and high temperatures used in the production of Porcelain Paving, the slabs are non-porous and will absorb little to no water. This stops any moisture from building up within the tiles and will help to prevent the growth of algae and mould, giving the Porcelain some of its low-maintenance benefits! This will also prevent any water from freezing inside the tiles which will mean that your porcelain won’t be susceptible to cracking during the winter.

There’s no need to worry about any accidental spills as anything dropped onto the slabs won’t be drawn into the surface as it would in natural stone, meaning that you’ll simply be able to wipe the tiles clean! Red wine or grease from a BBQ is easily cleaned up by a quick wipe with some warm, soapy water. As with anything, spillages that are left over a long period of time will always need a little more elbow grease to remove, but there are some great products that will help you to clean up the tiles with much better results than you could expect from a porous stone.

Outdoor porcelain tiles won’t necessarily need to be sealed to prevent staining in the same way that natural stone would, but there are some great products such as the LTP Porcelain Tile Protector which will help to lift off any dried on marks with ease.

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3. Safety


Our full range of outdoor porcelain features a non-slip rating of R11 meaning that the tiles are suitable for use in any area which is likely to see rain and can even be used in bathrooms and around swimming pools or water features without becoming slippery!

The flat, non-slip surface provides added safety to any project and the non-slip tiles are perfect for any family garden or patio for added peace of mind. The R11 slip rating is even suitable for much larger commercial projects where public safety could be a concern.

4. Consistency


As porcelain paving is man-made, there is a great deal of control over the colours and finishes which are printed onto the slab. This is something that you won’t get with Natural Stone Paving, as these will always feature variations.

Consistency in the finish of your tiles will always give you the added confidence that your project will turn out just as you’ve pictured it, without needing to make adjustments for natural variations when laying the slabs which will save you time when it comes to design and installation!

Suited to the British climate, porcelain patio slabs will withstand extreme temperatures and weather conditions without being susceptible to damage or becoming too hot underfoot in the sun. The outdoor porcelain tiles are also impervious to fading and will stay true to their original colour, even when subjected to excessive heat and sunlight during the Summer months!

5. Finishes

Choose from our wide selection of porcelain paving colours to find the style for you!

Options range from the dark and striking tones within our Black and Nero which will make a statement in any design to Silver Grey Porcelain which offers some lighter and more neutral tones which will provide the perfect backdrop to any modern or traditional patio and is often used as a modern alternative to Granite.

If you’re looking for something a little brighter still, the light and elegant tones within the Ivory and White Porcelain Paving will be sure to brighten up any dark areas to create an added sense of space to your design.

See Our Full Range Here!

If you have any further questions about our Porcelain Paving range, we would be happy to answer them for you!

You can speak to a member of the team on 01206 700 599 or reach out to us via email at [email protected]


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