Product Spotlight: Outdoor Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain Paving will transform your garden or patio and is a non-slip and low-maintenance paving option that beautifully mimics the finish of natural stone!


Outdoor porcelain tiles are an extremely hard-wearing option, requiring very little upkeep to stay looking their best throughout the year. The durability of the vitrified paving makes it suitable for a wide range of domestic and commercial uses and with a slip-resistance rating of R11, our porcelain tiles will retain their grip underfoot even when wet. As non-porous slabs, they won’t allow moisture to penetrate the surface which will help to prevent any build-up of moss or algae, saving you time and money in the long run!


✅ R11 Non-Slip Rating
✅ Low Maintenance
✅ Stain, Scratch & Shock Resistant
✅ Hard-Wearing & Highly Durable

Ivory Porcelain Paving

High-Quality, Low-Maintenance Porcelain Paving

Outdoor porcelain pavers are a durable, state-of-the-art paving option with a huge number of benefits and are suited to a wide range of uses. Our porcelain paving is suitable for patios, pathways and even driveways due to the extremely durable nature of the tiles. The lightly textured non-slip surface provides added safety to any project and the non-slip rating of R11 makes the slabs perfect for any family garden or even a larger commercial project and will maintain their non-slip qualities even when wet.

Porcelain paving is robust and long-lasting with a stain and scratch-resistant surface, making it the perfect choice of low-maintenance garden paving! The non-porous slabs prevent any excess moisture from building up within the stone, meaning that your paving will not be prone to any build-up of moss or algae and you won’t need to worry about any excess rainwater or accidental liquid spills. The low-maintenance paving slabs can typically be wiped clean with a damp cloth to remove any dirt or spills, saving you time and money!

For added protection, we recommend using the LTP Porcelain Tile Protector to help release anything which may have dried onto the slabs such as organic matter or materials from the laying process.

Traditional Colours & Modern Benefits

Choose from our wide selection of colours to find the style of exterior porcelain tiles for you. The options range from the dark and striking tones within our Black and Nero Porcelain which will make a statement in any design. One of our most popular options is the Silver Grey Porcelain which offers some lighter and more neutral tones which will provide the perfect backdrop to any modern or traditional patio and is often used as a modern alternative to Granite Paving. If you’re looking for something a little brighter still, the light and elegant tones within the Ivory and White Porcelain Paving will be sure to brighten up any dark areas to create an added sense of space to your design.

Suited to the British climate, porcelain paving slabs will withstand extreme temperatures and weather conditions without being susceptible to damage or becoming too hot underfoot in the sun. The outdoor porcelain tiles are also impervious to fading and will stay true to their original colour, even when subjected to excessive heat and sunlight during the Summer months!

Ivory Porcelain Paving

How Are Exterior Porcelain Tiles Made?

Porcelain paving is made from a mix of clay, sand and minerals baked at a high temperature. The resulting paving slabs are non-porous and hard-wearing. Once fired, each slab is ground and polished, ensuring they are of a consistent size and colour. This makes the porcelain tiles easier to lay and means that your patio will maintain a consistent look. If you are looking for a highly polished finish, exterior porcelain tiles are an ideal choice!

The consistency of the vitrified porcelain paving also makes it easier to take flooring from inside to outside the home. This means you can significantly extend your living space and create an alfresco haven.

Outdoor porcelain pavers are highly durable when you compare them to other paving options. They are resistant to stains, mould and mildew, meaning that porcelain paving is well-suited to high-traffic areas such as patios and pathways and driveways.

Nero Porcelain Paving

Not Sure? Order A Sample!

With so many options, it can be hard to come to a decision on which is the right choice for your project. This is why we offer our customers FREE Samples, allowing you to see and feel the stone prior to ordering, so you can be sure you are making the right choice!  Feel the non-slip surface for yourself and compare colours so that you can place your order with the confidence that your choice is perfect for your project. 👌

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